Saturday, June 18, 2011

New sub apps & client endorsement to go live.

A new approach to implementing the 'a day in the life of..' and 'Travel stories' component was presented to Good Return. These modules will now be implemented in a separate application which is also added to the page. They will each include a new custom banner and a message.

These sub applications will be pulling information from the wall of the pages where each will sit. This way the new FB wall functions and all its capabilities can be integrated into the modules. The jQuery fb.wall plug-in was used to pull the page posts into the application frame. A button will be available for posting travel stories, which will navigate the user to the specified page (opens in a new tab) and by liking that page they can post their own travel stories or make comments. This was assessed to be the closest implementation to client requirements as initially outlined.

Minor adjustments will also be taking place on the splash page. The 3 pages are planned to go live on the Good Return Facebook page in the first week of July.

Hosting will currently remain on until a migration plan is in place. For go live, the sub domain may change to The client will be exploring hosting options in the near future.

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