Sunday, May 22, 2011

Splash page updates + write up

Following the latest client meeting some changes were made to the splash page.
Changes that took place for the next prototype were as follows:

- Updated some of the graphics (main image)
- Hidden the internal Tabs (can bring them back anytime in the future for promotions etc..)
- Removed last paragraph of text.. was causing too much clutter
- New follow us buttons (same design as good return newsletter as specified)
- 4 main navigation icons added. Link for le terezhina and Travel Stories not set up (will be implemented as part of go-live.
- Several other minor updates (incl. applying company colour codes as per brand guidelines)

What is needed to continue is:
- New branded buttons for "lend now", "donate now" and "subscribe now"
- Link to form for subscribe now
- Images of le terezhina to progress with configuring her page. This will also take place as part of the go-live implementation.

A screenshot of the current state is attached.

Written treatise is in progress. Draft has been handed in and synthesis chapter is being completed.

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