Monday, October 10, 2011

The project splash page and 2 additional pages went live 22nd september. There has been an uptrend in the number of likes for the company's page since go live.

On October 1st Facebook will be making SSL certification compulsory for all its applications. The implications this has had on the project are as follows:

  • Users cannot proceed to the splash page any longer if they are in secure https browsing (still works for http browsing)
  • Application access tokens made compulsory for retrieving information from a page
  • The splash page has temporarily been deactivated until the new solution with SSL is implemented.
  • Option to purchase SSL deemed to costly and impractical for the scale of the project
  • Heroku cloud services being used. Website hosting being migrated. Heroku is a wildcard SSL certified domain and will be used instead of 
  • Using Heroku in testing Dev environment has indicated that load times are slower than the current hosting service, however this issue is to be addressed at a later date. Code for all applications were modified to enhance load times. 
The above solution will result in a more secure site, despite security not being a main concern for these pages as it does not hold any sensitive information, it will ensure that the applications are compliant with the facebook roadmap and will not face deprecation by facebook in the short run. It is essential to note that Facebook will continually make updates to its back end and API as well as front end changes as witnessed throughout the life of this project and it is a component that will have to be monitored to ensure smooth operation of facebook applications as tabs.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Further client updates have been made. Migration of the Facebook splash page has commenced. It is to take place under a new domain and use fresh new applications. Facebook has changed the structure and appearance of its developer application. However there is no features removed or any significant change that will affect this project. However there is the potential for integration with more features.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New sub apps & client endorsement to go live.

A new approach to implementing the 'a day in the life of..' and 'Travel stories' component was presented to Good Return. These modules will now be implemented in a separate application which is also added to the page. They will each include a new custom banner and a message.

These sub applications will be pulling information from the wall of the pages where each will sit. This way the new FB wall functions and all its capabilities can be integrated into the modules. The jQuery fb.wall plug-in was used to pull the page posts into the application frame. A button will be available for posting travel stories, which will navigate the user to the specified page (opens in a new tab) and by liking that page they can post their own travel stories or make comments. This was assessed to be the closest implementation to client requirements as initially outlined.

Minor adjustments will also be taking place on the splash page. The 3 pages are planned to go live on the Good Return Facebook page in the first week of July.

Hosting will currently remain on until a migration plan is in place. For go live, the sub domain may change to The client will be exploring hosting options in the near future.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Splash page updates + write up

Following the latest client meeting some changes were made to the splash page.
Changes that took place for the next prototype were as follows:

- Updated some of the graphics (main image)
- Hidden the internal Tabs (can bring them back anytime in the future for promotions etc..)
- Removed last paragraph of text.. was causing too much clutter
- New follow us buttons (same design as good return newsletter as specified)
- 4 main navigation icons added. Link for le terezhina and Travel Stories not set up (will be implemented as part of go-live.
- Several other minor updates (incl. applying company colour codes as per brand guidelines)

What is needed to continue is:
- New branded buttons for "lend now", "donate now" and "subscribe now"
- Link to form for subscribe now
- Images of le terezhina to progress with configuring her page. This will also take place as part of the go-live implementation.

A screenshot of the current state is attached.

Written treatise is in progress. Draft has been handed in and synthesis chapter is being completed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CSS Stylesheet implemented Bugs fixed

After meeting with the client, some of the logos and material were provided so that the splash page could be implemented. There was a problem with Jquery implementation of tabs which has now been corrected and a more visually appealing style has been applied. The client is to provide some links to that will be placed on the splash page. A go live plan is to be developed that would involve migrating the splash page over to the good return Facebook page.

The xfbml fb:like feature now has a send button integrated that is also implemented. The like button is linked to the Good Return portal, so when it is clicked it will like as opposed to the Facebook page. However the normal like button will remain unchanged. Live stream is now working again and it is placed under a tab called chat live.

tabs were moved to be below the head banner and image so that these items will be consistently displayed on all pages. Client decided that a separate page will be created for 'day in the life' feature.

Current page appears as below:

Monday, May 9, 2011

XFBML, Jquery Tabs, and Containers

XFBML has been used in conjunction with Jquery and Containers to create a "web page" effect within the application as opposed to making several applications and cluttering the navigation bar in the client's Facebook page.

Scripts that load Facebook's API functionality we used to draw information from Facebook and place it into the application domain, which is ultimately viewed as a tab when the application is added to the page. This is also placed as the landing page so that the welcome page is first displayed when navigating to the client's page. Links to other tabs and to the client's website are placed on the splash page whilst API functions are loaded into other tabs. A list of relevant social plug-ins is also added into the page allowing the user to share this with their friends on other social mediums or privately in an email. A screenshot in the dev environment is shown:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Deprecation of FBML tabs, Move to iFrame Tabs

Facebook has announced that the preferred method of deploying applications within tabs is to use iframes. Their plans indicate that FBML tabs will eventually become obsolete.

Good Return's landing page will be moving forward to use iframes integrated with social plug-ins as opposed to using FBML code. The application will now be used as the landing page as opposed to using a secondary application (as previously used 'Static FBML' app). This will allow more flexibility and control over the content of the page. It will all be hosted on the web service at