Monday, May 9, 2011

XFBML, Jquery Tabs, and Containers

XFBML has been used in conjunction with Jquery and Containers to create a "web page" effect within the application as opposed to making several applications and cluttering the navigation bar in the client's Facebook page.

Scripts that load Facebook's API functionality we used to draw information from Facebook and place it into the application domain, which is ultimately viewed as a tab when the application is added to the page. This is also placed as the landing page so that the welcome page is first displayed when navigating to the client's page. Links to other tabs and to the client's website are placed on the splash page whilst API functions are loaded into other tabs. A list of relevant social plug-ins is also added into the page allowing the user to share this with their friends on other social mediums or privately in an email. A screenshot in the dev environment is shown:

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