Sunday, March 20, 2011

Changeover from FBML plug-in to MyTab plug-in

As of 11/03/2011 there will no longer be support for the FBML plug-in and an alternative technology must bee sought after. Investigations have found a similar application that can be used as an alternative with similar functionality. This application is called MyTab. Unfortunately there is a stamp at the bottom of the page noting "powered by MyTab" that can not be removed. Thus the FBML plug-in will be used for the time being unless it becomes absolutely necessary to implement the splash page within a different plug in.

The <div> functionality has also been used to create tabs within the splash page for added functionality. However the client Good Return has advised that this functionality is not required for their needs. Thus this will not be pursued further. The following image is the prototype shown at the latest meeting. Once the Adobe Illustrator/ InDesign file is available the splash page will be implemented in full and demo'ed at Good Return Office.

Figure 1: Good Return Splash Page (Sandpit)
Figure 2: Splash Page Code (Sandpit)

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