Monday, October 18, 2010

Research and Sandpit

Investigation into the use of iframe within FBML revealed that this feature has been disabled for static pages since March 2010. There are plans to reintroduce it in the next few months. The alternative solution that is being pursued is development of an application to display as a tab as opposed to a static page. This way either HTML or FBML can be used within the tab and the tab can be added to the business page for Good Return. This can then be set as the landing page. Use of iframes should be a legal operation through the above method. an example of iframe for the good return website is displayed below:

Furthermore the company website's keywords will be used in development of the static page as it will be visible to google search. This will help in positioning the company in the right market.

Some further tests and features were trialled in the development space. Requirements were gathered from the client and a sample mockup/sketch of the content they would like on the static page was determined. Links from other sites and form of media was also considered to be a positive factor to assist in search engine optimisation and was noted (e.g. links with partner's websites or social media sites). 

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